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Join me for a cosy & exciting hands-on workshop, where you will learn 2 variations of the peony flower - the classic open-faced peony & the mysterious moonstone peony. Peonies are one of the most eternally popular flowers for wedding cakes or celebration cakes, adding an instant wow factor with their large, frilly & flouncy petals & striking centers.


Be introduced to the essential skills, tips & techniques, that will enable you to create the most beautiful & realistic peonies with sugar gum paste. It is my sincerest hope that as you practice these techniques and gain more confidence, you will find your own voice & style.


What You Will Learn in This 2-Day Workshop


1. A basic botanical understanding of peonies, which will help you to make more beautiful & realistic flowers.


2. The tools & materials needed to create the open-faced peony moonstone peony in sugar.


3. An understanding of the methods & techniques to create various elements such as the peony stamens & stigma, petals, calyx & leaves. 


4. An understanding of Colour Theory, including how to mix any colour from only 3 primary colours, what are secondary colours, & how to achieve a modern blush toned & neutral colour palette.


5. Proper colour dusting techniques & tips that will allow you to achieve a realistic, alluring & graduated colour effect on your flowers. You will also learn how to steam your f