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Create. Discover. Play!

Join me for relaxing & intimate workshops at my home baking studio, where you will learn how to create beautiful sugar flowers to add to your repertoire as a sugar artist, or just for pure pleasure. Our workshops cater to students of all levels & range from half-day sessions to full day sessions or more, depending on your interest and time.


Learn essential skills & techniques as Bee demonstrates how to make delicate & refined sugar flowers, and put these skills into action through your own hands-on experience during the class. At the end of every class, you will receive a box, small vase or completed 1-tier faux cake to take home your botanical sugar flower creations, and a copy of the class materials. All tools & materials will be provided for use during the class, and tea breaks & lunches will be provided & served. 


If you have any queries about workshops, you are welcome to reach out to me by email for more information.

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