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Join me for cosy, intimate & fun-filled workshops where you will learn how to create beautiful sugar flowers to add to your repertoire as a sugar artist, or just for pure pleasure.


Catering to students from all levels, you will gain the essential skills needed to craft stunning sugar blossoms, foliage, buds, fruits, flower centers and many other aspects of botanical sugar art. As you practice these skills & gain more confidence, you will find your own voice & style.

Workshops will be held at my home baking studio, and each workshop will have a maximum of 3-4 students. Tea and/or lunch is included & served, depending on the workshop duration.



If you are a sugar artist or just a creative soul to who wants to learn the art of botanical sugar making and cake design, I am happy to welcome you to my kitchen studio for a private teaching masterclass. These sessions are flexible and you can choose what you would like to learn.

Details about the masterclass, terms & conditions can be provided upon request. Please reach out to me at if you have any queries.

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