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Top 25 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Artistic Inspiration

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I am often asked where to look for artistic inspiration, and while the real world we inhabit definitely has an influence, Instagram is definitely another incredible source for artistic inspiration. There is such an amazing variety of artists who have a presence on Instagram - these are just a few of my favourites that I check out on a daily basis. I hope it will provide you with some inspiration too!

This Instagram page features gorgeous photos of a little Airbnb that belongs to a couple who also run the funky cafe @narrowmarrow in Georgetown, Penang (Malaysia). I am in heaven scrolling through their feed as it panders to my weakness for vintage furniture and weathered surfaces.

Source: Arcane Artisan, Georgetown, Penang

The vibrant, whimsical and always stirring images of flora and fauna from Botanica Etcetera's account never fail to lift up my spirits. This is one of my favourite places to look for artistic floral botanical & floral inspiration.

Source: Botanica Etcetera

Carol Sharp is a British photographer who creates images of nature that are delicate & beautiful yet powerful. Her work is a visual reminder that there is an energy and force that permeates through all living things.

The Cheong Fatt Sze Mansion is a landmark heritage mansion in Penang, Malaysia and a must-see if you ever visit. Known as "The Blue Mansion" because of its vivid indigo colour, the house was built in the late 19th century by the Chinese businessman Cheong Fatt Sze. Its Instagram account gives you a glimpse into the fascinating world of Peranakan culture & history.


Sometimes described as an "optical illusion makeup artist", Dain Yoon is a classical trained painter who creates mind-bendingly beautiful self portraits. All her work is created by her own two hands. She is definitely a rising star in the art world so don't miss following her Instagram account.

I absolutely love everything about Doan Ly's work - her love for flowers really shines through & I could look through her feed the whole day. Words can't describe her work adequately. You just need to check out her Instagram account.

Source: Doan_Ly

Emma Bass is a New Zealand based floral photographer whose colourful and whimsical floral portraits never fail to delight the senses. Plus she has the most gorgeous collection of white & cream crockery that I've ever seen. Life goals.

Source: Emma Bass

A designer, event / wedding / portrait photographer (i.e. a woman who seems to do it all, and well too) Rosie Hardy's work take me to a magical wonderland, where I can forget all my worries and cares. I also love how honest & raw her blog is.

If there is one place in the world that I want to visit before I die, this is it. I return to images of this garden time and time again whenever I need a dose of dreamy inspiration.

The Garden of Ninfa. Image taken from

"Unapologetically and sumptuously following my bliss," is the caption of this Instagram account, and how right it is. Created by a young antique collector living in New York, this Instagram celebrates historic and gorgeous architecture and gardens. Total inspiration.

Jamie Beck is an American photographer who moved to the South of France and now lives a life that many of us can only dream of. Her Instagram feed is pretty much the most perfect collection of photos I have ever seen and a treasure trove of inspiration.

Source: Jamie Beck

A botanical illustrator & mixed media artist based in Singapore, Lucinda Law creates stunning watercolour works of tropical botanicals and animals. She also conducts wonderful classes & courses in botanical illustration.

Source: Lucinda Law

14. @lacma

The Instagram account belonging to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, this page is an amazing resource that keeps me inspired & in touch with what's going on in the art world.

The love for impressionist art, with its play on light, soft blended colours & flowing lines has followed me ever since I was a child. The Musee D'Orsay is the ultimate museum for impressionist art and a permanent source of inspiration for me. Put it on your bucket list if you love impressionist art and artists.

Nick Knight is a photographer who became famous for his dreamy photos of roses from his garden. Follow his Instagram account if you are a rose fanatic like me for the almost mystical rose images and his other photographic works.

Source: Nick Knight

If you are interested in the distinctive & sometimes opulent culture of the Peranakans, who were an ethnic people who descended from a mix of Chinese, Malay, Portuguese & Thai races, you have to visit the Peranakan museum in Singapore.

Source: Peranakan Museum

Putnam & Putnam is a reknowned floral design company run by a couple named Michael & Darroch. They are an inspiration for floral designers all around the world & I just love their Instagram page for the sometimes colourful & always glamorous floral arrangements.

If you're all about female empowerment coupled with a dose of irreverent humour & a hint of sarcasm, this page is definitely for you. Their posts never fail to bring a smile to my face.

Sheena Liam is a fashion model who won the 2nd season of Asia's Next Top Model, who also happens to be a talented embroidery artist. Her creativity & eye for beauty shines through in her Instagram page.

21. @tate

The official Instagram page belonging to the Tate Modern museum in London, this page is a must for any artist or art buff. And it never fails to make me feel like grabbing a paint brush.

Run by Danielle Krysa, The Jealous Curator features amazing art by modern artists from all around the world. I love her witty IG post captions & writing, so it's no surprise that she is now the author of several books & has her own podcast.

Kiana Underwood is a floral designer & the author of the very popular book, "Color Me Floral". Qualities of her Instagram page - the colours, the abundant florals, asymmetric designs & romanticism - resonate with me on so many levels.

This is an Instagram account run by the admirable & beautiful Jessica Stein, who is the ultimate stylish boho chic chick. I have followed her Instagram account for ages, and will probably do so for a long time more.

Versaillesadness is an Instagram account dedicated to the Palace or Versalles and to 18th-19th century architecture in general. It's another place where vintage junkies like myself can ogle at the grandeur and truly be sad because right now because the coronavirus has wrecked travel.

Source: VersailleSadness

Which Instagram accounts do you find awesomely inspiring? Leave a comment below as I'd love to know!


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